Guidelines for Members

Current Tractor Status:

Vehicle 1 - Dumper (in Container 1 - closest to the sea): Serviceable

Vehicle 2 - Tractor (in Container 2 - closest to the cliff): DO NOT USE

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Guidelines on Container and Vehicle Numbers

One of the problems members have highlighted to us is the not knowing which launch vehicles are serviceable vs. those that have been taken out of service or are un-serviceable. To make this clearer we've done a couple of things. Firstly we've added numbers to the containers and to the launch vehicles.

Container number 1 (which will be the home for the dumper launch vehicle) - is the container closest to the sea.

Container number 2 (home for tractor number 2) - is the container closest to the cliff.

Secondly, another problems we face is how to advise members if a launch vehicle is un-serviceable (and shouldn't be used). We now have a sign that will be put on any launch vehicle not working (see below). Members should not use a launch vehicle that is un-serviceable as it may be un-safe to use. We will also aim to keep the website up to date with the latest serviceability.
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